Cultural Sri Lanka

Cultural Sri Lanka – 9 days
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Day 1    Colombo Airport – Hotel

We welcome you and arrange the transfer to your hotel after arrival at the airport in Colombo (CMB). Here we review our program with you and answer all of your questions regarding the tour. The rest of the day is to relax, so you can recover after your flight. Depending on your arrival time and your preferences, you can skip the relaxing time and start with your tour immediately by exploring Colombo for example!

Day 2    Colombo – Anuradhapura

Early in the morning we leave for the city of kings. This is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its beautiful ruins, including the brazen palace. It is the former capital from the time of the Sri Lankan kings. For Buddhists Anuradhapura is a holy city. In 246 BC. a young tree was planted here, obtained from the tree under which Buddha has reached its illumination. The Sri Maha Bodhi tree is now said to be the oldest tree in the world. The latest archaeological findings assume Anuradhapura already existed 10,000 years ago. Built around 300 BC. the rock temple we visit today was part of a monastery complex. At the entrance of the temple is a beautiful pond, with elephants carved into the rocks above. Once inside the temple, you have a wonderful view over the area around Anuradhapura.

Day 3    Anuradhapura – Polonnaruwa

We start our day with a visit to the mysterious pyramid building. Up until today, the origin of this building is still unknown. Furthermore we go to the biggest stupa of Polonnaruwa and the Lankatilaka sanctuary; one of the most beautiful Buddhist shrines in Asia. We conclude with the book of stone wherein King Nissankamalla has written down all of his actions. It teaches us about the life and the wars of that time.

Day 4    Gal Vihara and the Golden Temple

Polonnaruwa was, after Anuradhapura, the second capital of the former Ceylon, which is now Sri Lanka. Admire the monuments and the royal citadel. The latter contains the remains of the royal palace and its audience hall. Therefore, the historical city of Polonnaruwa is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The most famous landmark is the Gal Vihara. Here are four huge Buddha statues carved out of granite. The Golden Temple is also on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It consists of five caves with images and statues, which resemble the life of Buddha. The caves were inhabited as early as 700 BC.

Day 5    The Lion rock

The Lion Rock, another part of the UNESCO world heritage site, is a longtime-deceased volcano. The downward slope of the volcano was caused by erosion and has thus given its appearance over the centuries. The rock is about 180 meters high and can be seen from afar. It is named after the carved lion and lion paws at the entrance. In the 5th century, the Lion Rock was a royal complex of King Kasyapa, with the palace on top of the rock. Remnants of the palace, the outbuildings, the pools and gardens can be seen here. You can use stairs (about 1200 of them) all the way up. Through the gardens of Sigiriya you’ll pass the mirror wall and the virgin murals to the Lion Platform and so on up. From the top you have a beautiful panoramic view.

Day 6    Kandy

After breakfast we leave for Kandy, where we take a walk through the Royal Botanic Gardens and we see how hundreds of flying foxes are sleeping in the trees. Wandering around the ruins of the royal palace you’ll feel like going back in time.

You have the opportunity to visit a real batik factory and the gem museum where you can find out everything about the mining and production of these precious stones and you can even buy some from the impressive showroom. We witness a traditional dancing show and visit the Temple of the Sacred Tooth of Buddha, the main temple of whole Sri Lanka where we enjoy the festival.

Day 7    Adam’s Peak

Just after midnight we put on our walking shoes and with our cameras ready, we begin our ascent of Adam’s Peak massive rock (optional). This is no less than 2300 meters high and there are about 6500 steps to the top. The path is lit with lanterns, there are stalls to buy drinks and fruits and there are places to take a rest. It’s a long way to the top, but you get rewarded with a beautiful view at the summit; you can see the most breath taking sunrise ever. Adam’s Peak is a place of pilgrimage for many religions. Every Sri Lankan is deemed to make this trip at least once in his life. The rest of the day to rest and cool off in the hotel pool.

Day 8    Colombo & Mount Lavinia

Early in the morning we receive blessings in the beautiful granite Hindu temple. We visit the national museum where beautiful pieces from the antiquity have been preserved and finally we drink from the holy spring in the church of the patron saint Anthony. At Mount Lavinia you can order some delicious seafood while sitting on the beach and enjoying the most beautiful sunset ever.


Day 9    Colombo

Depending on your departure time and your preferences you can do some sightseeing or souvenir shopping on our last day. We look back on a great tour. From here you can catch a flight home or you can extend your holiday at one of the beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka or the Maldives.

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